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CPN Virtual Gathering 2021

Esperanza: Prayer, Patience, and Partnership 

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CPN Virtual Gathering 2021

Begins September 24 at 8pm Eastern Time

Esperanza: Prayer, Patience, and Partnership
Two Days of Prayerful, Powerful Discussion

Session 1  
Friday, September 24

8:00 - 10:00 pm (Eastern Time)

  • Esperanza: Prayer, Patience, and Partnership: Welcome, Introductions, Presentations on U.S - Cuban Reality w/ IPRC Leaders, Informal Discussions, Questions & Answers, Songs, Closing and Prayer


Session 2  
Saturday, September 25
1:00 - 3:00 pm (Eastern Time)

  • Esperanza: Prayer, Patience, and Partnership: Introductions, Staying Connected During Challenging Times, Video Presentations on Mutual Mission, Focus on Youth, Seniors, Preparing Future Leaders, Worship Service from Cuba and U.S. (coordinated by Rev. Liudmila Hernández, Vice Moderator of the IPRC and Rev. Tony Aja, pastor, PC(USA)), Memorial Prayers for Sisters and Brothers lost to COVID, Communion, Hymns and Music, Blessings and Benediction.

Session 3  
Saturday, September 25
3:30 - 6:00 pm (Eastern Time)

  • Esperanza: Prayer, Patience, and Partnership: Network Meeting, Partner Update, Financial Report, Nominations, Updates on Regional Liaison Position, Container Shipment, Relief Funds, Advocacy, Communications, Additional Ways to Support Partnerships, Break-out Groups, Informal Discussions, Questions & Answers, Gathering Final Closing and Prayer

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About CPN

What is the PC(USA) Cuba Partners Network?

We are an organization of the Presbyterian Church (USA), including those congregations and presbyteries of other US reformed denominations who are seeking to explore partnership with or are in partnership with the Presbyterian-Reformed Church in Cuba.

Founded over thirty years ago by member congregations, the Network has a long and rich history of encouraging and supporting vital partnerships between Presbyterian Reformed denominations, primarily the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA) and the Presbyterian-Reformed Church of Cuba (IPRC).


We encourage thoughtful consideration, conversation, prayer and reflection on the relationships between our churches, our governments and our peoples. PC(USA) in the United States and IPRC in Cuba continue to teach each other what it means to encourage each other to follow Christ in our homes and where we live, work and play. We sincerely invite you to consider joining us in this response to what we discern as God’s calling to us.

Working Together

The Network works closely with PC(USA) World Mission and has worked with mission co-workers in the region, including Jo Ella Holman, Regional Liaison for Cuba and the Caribbean and co-workers David Cortes-Fuentes and Josey Saez-Acevedo, who have taught at the Matanzas Evangelical Theological Seminary.

Recent Developments
Ever-changing diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba have brought into focus a renewed purpose for the Network. With these changes come both new blessings and new challenges. We believe that perhaps now, more than ever, we have a prophetic calling to walk with our brothers and sisters in the churches in Cuba.


For a detailed history of the development of the Network, click here.









Lord & Savior


Faith Leaders from the IPRC and PC(USA)

A full listing of confirmed guests and participants will be available after registration.

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Recent Gatherings

A few of the many CPN Gatherings held since our beginnings in 1985

First Virtual Gathering - 2020

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Gathering in Cuba - 2016


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